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new spindles

New Spindles

Adhunik Udhyog is also in manufacturing of New Spindles with indigenously developed components. We can manufacture & supply spindles for following make of TFO's

spindle refurbishment

Refurbishment of Spindles

Damaged spindles leads to higher power consumption, poor yarn quality, production loss & many unforseen troubles in machine. This damaged Spindles can be refurbished & put back in production with same performance as original new spindles

We Service

  • spindle servicing
    leewah spindle
    Leewha - Model 560, 564
    murata spindle
    Murata 373
  • murata spindle repair
    Murata 363
    prerna spindle
    Prerna 160 HZ45 Spindle
    prerna spindle repair
    Prerna 180 Spindle
  • volkmann
    Volkmann 07
    volkmann spindle repair
    Volkmann 09
    saurar-alma TFO
    Saurar Alma
  • krislon
    Krislon 90 Spindle
    dewon spindle
    Dewon 84 Spindle
    Lohia TFO
  • lohia spindle
    Lohia 140 Bolster Typ Spindle
    Marchon Ferrario 110 Cone Type Original
    Marchon Ratti 110 Cone Type Spindle
  • img
    Murata 90 Spindle
    murata spindle
    Murata 140 Spindle With Pot
    murata spindle refurbishing
    Murata 155
  • barmag
    Barmag WTE1 Spindle
    TFO spindle repair
    Factory View 1
    spindle repair
    Factory View 2
  • textile machinery parts
    Factory View 3
    textile spindle parts
    Factory View 4
    textile parts