Ball Bearing Conversion of Star Volkmann Spindles


ADHUNIK UDHYOG based on over 45 Years experience has innovated the substitute components for the STAR-VOLKMAN TFO Spindles thereby the STAR VOLKMAN Spindles can run with the Deep Grooved Ball Bearings like 6000 ZZ and 6201 ZZ in place of existing Needle Roller Bearings and Magneto Bearing. Existing Needle Roller & Magneto Bearings are replaced by Deep Grooved Bearings

Application of Ball Bearing Conversion

Features & Benefits of Ball Bearing Conversion

  • Locally available Ball Bearings like 6201 ZZ and 6000 ZZ are used as shown in the figure. There good saving in Purchase of these Bearings.
  • Frequent Greasing is avoided, resulting in lowering Lubricant cost & Down time.
  • Lowering noise level & heat generation.
  • Reduces the Power consumption.
  • Whenever needs replacement, locally available Ball Bearings can be used without compromising any feature of the existing Spindles.
  • MTD Holding system remains same as before.
  • The Ball Bearings conversion is also possible for Imported Volkman TFO'S. Model VTS-06, VTS-07, VTS08 and VTS-09.
  • Protection Pot will be hold firmly with the Bearings After Ball Bearing Conversion.
  • The spindles after Ball Bearing conversion can be loaded in same way as before.
  • Any batch Quantity can be processed at a time.
  • Ball Bearings can be replaced by the Puller as shown in the Figure, whenever required.
  • All the components of the Spindles which are sent for the repair or Ball Bearings conversion are Ultra-Sonically cleaned and made free from Dirt, Dry grease or any particles adhered on the working surface, causing Hairiness to Yarn.
  • Quality Export Yarn with respect to lower TPI variation, better C.S.P. etc.