Supply Of Spindles for Silk Yarn TFO, Polyster Yarn TFO - ABOUT Adhuniks 35 Year History in Textile Industry

ADHUNIK UDHYOG is a Proprietary Firm run by Virendra Lakhani who is an Engineer with more than 37 Years of Experience in the textile industry. The Company has the best Machines and Equipment required to give Best Quality Products to Mills. The staff of the company is trained to handle all types of TFO Spindles that run all over in Globe.

Our company has developed Tools, Jigs, and Fixtures, etc. used in the Manufacturing of the Spindles for the Textile Industry. We use the Latest Technology whenever required to give the best service to the Customers. The Company has trained its staff to thoroughly check the Repaired Spindle before dispatch.

The company manufactures new spindles with components. ADHUNIK UDHYOG can manufacture & supply spare parts and spindles for Cotton TFO's, Filament TFO's, Silk TFO's, Spun TFO's.

The company is also into Servicing/Refurbishing of Spindles of SPUN, FILAMENT, Cotton, Silk as well as Lycra Yarn TFO's. Spindles are Dynamically Balanced for Vibration-Free and trouble-free performance at the optimum Speed.

ADHUNIK UDHYOG Undertakes Guaranteed Repair of almost all makes of TFO Spindles;

For Spun Yarn For Filament Yarn
Volkmann Tsudakoma
Leewha Murata
Prerna Ratti
Murata Garden
Veejaylakshmi Lohia
Saurar Dewon
Oerlikon Saurar Hammel
Saurar Allma Ferrario
Saurar Volkmann Barmag